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So, for some of you guys that were maybe not happy with the previous bezel, especially on the Day-Date II, they fixed that, so it looks a little bit better.

I'm not going to lie.

One of my honest opinions is that when they changed the Day-Date from the 41 to the How replica watches work 40, I feel like this is the case that they had to go with.

These are the changes that, for me, would have just not been so rough and a different change.

But, here we are.

This is what we got.

So let's fake go over the movement.

One of the major things that also changed with this new Datejust reference number 126331 is it features replica watches cheap the new 3235 calibre movement.

Now, I wanna tell you that this movement is completely different than the previous.

It's almost exactly to the new one that comes from the Day-Date 40.

The only different is that it doesn't have a date function.

And one of the main features that this new movement has.

it has a 70-hour power reserve and it runs on 4 Hertz and it's extremely accurate.

It's actually one of the most precise and best movements that Rolex has every produced.

So, that's one of the new things that you get with this new model.

Another thing that I want to go over is, before I run out of time here, is the bracelet.

Yes, it has a jubilee bracelet, which is what's so special about this watch besides all those changes I just told you.

Now, when it comes to the clasp, I'm still 50-50.

Part of me likes it, because I feel like with the traditional Oyster-lock clasp, it kind of gives it more of a masculine look, but at the same time too I kind of almost wished it would have had the hidden clasp.

So I'm kind of like 50-50.

I'm not sure yet if I completely like it yet, but that's that one thing that I'm not really sure about yet.

I feel like, Replica Watches Online for Men other than that, the watch is amazing.

It looks really nice, really good looking watch.